Friday, August 24, 2007

My Mother-In-Love

Our Nana is seriously wonderful! I am very blessed to have such a kind and loving mother-in-love...yes not mother-in-law because she is much more than that! She is so thoughtful and giving and is always there for our family. Her creativity always makes our holidays so special. I am thankful she raised such an awesome man and always encouraged him that he could do anything. I am thankful and honored to be a part of the family!

Each year before school starts, all of her school aged granddaughters are privileged to have a special tea with their Nana. They get to dress up, bring their American Girl doll (her birthday gift to each one when they turn 4) and have loads of fun.

This year they met at Nana's house to eat dainty sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and then watch the Sound Of Music. Nana even made them chocolate Eiffel Towers on a stick in honor of her recent trip to Europe!

This has become such a special tradition that Hannah always looks forward to. I know it will provide her with many fond memories of her Nana.

Thank you Connie for being such an amazing mother and Nana! We love you dearly!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ballet and Tae Kwan Do

Last week we started up Ballet classes for Hannah. I love watching Hannah dance. She has danced since she was a little bitty thing! God has really gifted her...she amazes me when I turn on worship music and she begins to make it up as she goes. She loves Jesus and it shows! It is cool to see her use her gift for Him. This is her sixth year to take from the most amazing teacher ever. Ms. Tena is a beautiful dancer and person....and she loves Jesus too!! Here is a shot of Hannah and her friends on the first day:

Joseph started Tae Kwan Do for the first time. He liked the first class but then on the second day he did not want to go back because he said, " I don't want to yell." He looked so sad...I almost gave in. Then Dad called. He explained how men need to press through things even if they don't like it or don't want to do it. I told Joseph we paid for a month and it wasn't an option to quit. He ended up having so much fun during class and he did great. I am so thankful God gave a mommy and a daddy!

Master Phrumjumtun (I love saying his name :) ) at one point asked Joseph why he smiled so much. He got embarrassed and looked up shyly. Master P then instructed Joseph to say, "Because I am happy sir!" This is so great for him and he is doing really well. He is picking up things quickly and even earned his first stripe yesterday.

I am again thankful for a quality, Christian intructor. He is a sixth degree black belt, very disciplined but loving and fun too! We are blessed to live here in the Bible belt!! kids are growing up fast! I can't believe these are my first two little muffins!! It seems like yesterday that they were just barely toddling around! I loved that stage...but I love this stage as well. Watching God's gifts unfold in them is really amazing. I look forward to walking with them as they discover what all He has for them. Like I tell them, "God has big plans for your life!" I cant wait to see what they are!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Lesson Learned

When I first began this whole blog thing, my husband wasn't too sure about it. He did not understand me wanting to read about other people's lives. He also wasn't too sure about putting our private life out there in cyber space. I tried to explain it in terms he would understand. You see my husband is a big believer in having mentors and accountability. I have had a few and loved it. However, for me it is REALLY hard to get a babysitter and actually get out of the house on time. I explained that in reading these blogs I receive encouragement, ideas, and many times a much needed laugh in the middle of a crazy day. Most importantly, I am reminded that I am not alone in this journey. That is one of the great benefits of the blogging world.

A down side is this: If not done at the proper time, crazy things can happen! I know many of you are saying "DUH" right about now, but I guess I am slow! The other day I got up early, had time with Jesus and my oldest daughter and then sat down to check emails and a few of my favorite blogs. I was really only going to be a minute! While I was reading Raising Five, my 3 year old comes in and says, "Mom, Rebekah (2) is on the calendar and spilt the Grape Nuts." I immediately knew that "calendar" was her way of saying "counter" and ran to the kitchen to find this!

Now mind you, this is NOT the first time she has done this. She frequently will try to get on the counter. Today, Rebekah decided she wanted her breakfast. She never asked anyone, she just took charge. First, I did the most important thing and grabbed my camera ( I had to capture the moment). I then sat her down and we had a very serious talk. She was not very happy, as you can see!

But a bowl of Grape Nuts with a little bit of honey can make any one of my kids smile. Rebekah was happy and I learned a great lesson. Blogs are great encouragement and all, but make sure your kids are eating breakfast before you slip off for some blog time. :)

So my question for all of you other moms out there is this:
"When do you find is the best time to blog?" I would love some wisdom!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Purple Hull Peas...

Ok, first of all let me get this straight. I was raised in Houston and am pretty much a city girl. I had never heard of purple hull peas until I was introduced to them by my dear husband. They look like black eyed peas to me, but those were always from a can and were only eaten on New Year's Day. I surely never grew them, picked them or shelled 'em! That all changed last week!

It has been a little crazy around here lately. We painted and re-carpeted two rooms in our house. So...everything is in my dining room. The house is therefore a mess and this makes me "feeeel" very out of control at times. It is hard enough keeping the house clean on a normal day with 5 kids, but this is just over the top! Well, after cleaning all day as best as we could, in walks my sweet husband. He explains that he is so excited because he wants to introduce them to something from his childhood. He then goes to the car and walks in with a VERY large trash bad of these peas! A bushel of purple hull peas!! My first thought is, "Oh greeeaat, more mess for me to clean!" Yes, I know..totally selfish.

Not so with my very wise and spiritual husband who NEVER shrinks back from a big project! He begins to explain what they are and how he planted them when he was a kid and actually made a great profit off of them. He explains the conveniences of our time and how back in the old days people had to work for their food. They all got a bowl and were told when one bowl was full, they would be given dessert. So, the shelling began! Little peas were flying through the air, shells were getting dropped, and bowls were spilt several times.

This went on for at least an hour. Dear husband then begins to explain about working together and sacrificing for a common good. They all worked feverishly trying to fill up "their" bowl when the light bulb finally went off. My two oldest combined theirs and then began to compete with the little two - who received support from Grandpa and Dad. It took them another hour and tired fingers to wise up to the full lesson. When they saw bedtime was approaching and they were about 1/2 way there(with their combined bowl),they began to lobby their 3 year old sister! She was quite proud of her growing bowl of peas and had no intentions of sharing nor any concern for the bigger picture.

She finally gave in after some very persuasive arguments given by her two older siblings. At last, the bowl was filled and dessert was enjoyed with little, purple stained fingers!

They worked hard the next day and on the third day, desperate to get the peas and all of the extra mess out of my house, I finally joined in on the fun and we finished. We enjoyed peas and cornbread for dinner...the fruit of our labor!

I love seeing the kids learn a powerful lesson. I love that my husband is so cool and wise. I love that in ministering to our kids, he still ministers to me.

Lessons of the cow pea patch:
1. Work Hard: All hard work leads to profit. Pr 12:14 & 14:23 & 13:4
2. Work Diligent: Blessed are the hands of the diligent. Pr 10:4 & 12:24 & 21:5
3. Work Smart: Sharpen your ax and it makes for easier work. Ecc 10:10

"Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty." Pr 21:5 NLT

"The appetite of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the appetite of the diligent is abundantly supplied." Pr 13:4 AMP

Friday, August 3, 2007

Jesus and Roses

In the midst of my rainy days, my sweet husband came home with these!! Awww...that man and Jesus! They sure do make me smile!