Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah Katherine

On Monday we celebrated Sarah's fifth birthday! She woke up so excited because let me tell you...we have been counting the days! We had a birthday breakfast and then opened up presents with the family. It was extra special because my grandparents and mom were in town so they got to celebrate with us! Sarah got many cool gifts but the one thing she has been asking for is a gold princess dress with a tiara. She loved it! This gift was significant because this last year we have had lots of talks of how great it is to be a girl! Sarah really looks up to her older brother and for a bit kept talking about how cool boys are because they are strong and have "cooler" toys. So after a few girl dates and lots of talks about how girls have to be strong ( I mean we give birth!!) and we are definitely cool....she has come around. She still loves to wrestle, sword fight and show off her karate skills that she has learned from her big brother. However, she was stunning in her dress! And she was loving every minute of getting to feel like a princess.

Dad came home, dropped his briefcase, bowed and began to dance with his princess. She was glowing and he made my heart melt! He is the best dad ever!

Sarah, you are so precious to me! I am honored and blessed to have you as my daughter. I love that you care for others and that you have a deep desire to learn and read. You amaze me with your passion to worship and to memorize scripture. I love that you call me pretty, precious, beautiful and most of all I love you just because you are you! You are one cool kid!

Sarah ignoring her breakfast to read her new book from Dad! She LOVES to read and has since she was a baby. This is why we call her "Books-a-Million!"