Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Guest Writer: Hannah Nicole

Hello! This is Hannah... my mom wanted me to do an entry for an update on our life :) So where she left of was Rebekah's b-day...... in JANUARY :) Since that I had my b-day and Joseph and John A. had theirs. A little before my b-day we went to see my GIGI and Grandpa. They live in SA and I miss seeing them. They gave me a little b-day party and me and the kids swam like there was no tomorrow:) On my actual b-day(May 20th), I opened presents and we went to Pei-Wei for dinner with my family and my Enna(anna) and Noel. Then we enjoyed Jamba Juice for desert :)

My Birthday in San Antonio

All these are at Jamba Juice :)

Then the memories begin.....of the RV trip :) We rented a 42 foot RV and the person that had it before us had accidentally backed up on one of the bottom doors to hold storage. So that delayed the trip about 2 days. So we finally got it on Tuesday morning (we were supposed to get it Sunday) and packed it. The packing took us ALL NGHT and thank God we had Noel to help us or else it would have taken a LOT longer. So we left Wednesday, May 26th about noon and got really far......we went 3 Miles from our house! My dad noticed something was wrong with the engine. So we called the guy that we rented the RV from and he sent an mechanic out to see what was wrong the mechanic thought he fixed it so we went around the block for a test drive and...well.... the engine died on Keller Parkway. Luckily we died right in front of Keystone Church and a young man and his wife stopped to see if we were ok. If it wouldn't have been for him we would have not gotten the RV home that night. He so happened to know a diesel mechanic and called him and took me, my mom, and all the kids home. The next morning another mechanic came out and worked on the RV for 4 hours and figured out that it was the fuel pump( whatever that is) and told us it had to be towed to the repair shop. Me and my mom were out doing errands and were praying that we would not have to unload it. Well...obviously we did not pray hard enough and we came home seeing my dad UNLOADING the RV:( We wanted to lay on the couch and cry. So we unloaded the WHOLE THING without Noel:( Then they towed it away and worked on it for a week. Meanwhile we were at home thinking the RV was for sure cancelled. But God had a different plan... we left sure enough in the same RV 10 days later. It was 10x smoother and running great. We packed it AGAIN and left Sunday. We went to Palo Duro Canyon for our first stop(2nd largest canyon in the USA). It was so beautiful. My mom and I HATE bugs of any kind except for maybe lady bugs and butterflies. We went to see a show at an outside amphitheater and it was really cool and they had some manly cowboys.....that did ballet :) Me and my parents were LOL. The dinner was HORRIBLE.... as my mom would say, "A big overcooked glob of FAT." Me and my mom were scared half to death when we had to go on a trail in pitch black with horrible flashlights that did not shine very well. My mom nearly passed out when she asked one of the lady that worked there about going on the trails or not. The lady said, "Oh, I wouldn't go on the trails if i were you because thats when the rattlesnakes come out."

The next morning we set out for another hike through the canyon... YIKES.... me and my mom were quoting scripture the whole way "The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind." Little john had scraped his knee AND got bull-needle stuck in his hand but he was a trooper and kept on going. We were relived when we were done and we saw a little sign that said "worlds best hamburgers." We were all surprised when we took the first bite and loved the hamburgers. They were the best hamburgers I have had in TX besides my dad's. After that we headed out and went to Albuquerque, NM for a quick nights stay. Our next destinations: GRAND CANYON!!! I will continue to post as soon as i can :)


This is the show "Texas" that we went and saw. Notice the MANLY cowboy :)

Our 42' Rv in the Palo Duro Canyon