Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation Time!

The Gravey Train loaded up in the Suburban

Our family is in San Antonio on our family vacation. Woo Hoo!!! It has been such a nice break from school, dance, and the norm! We have spent the first few days here with my sweet grandparents. There is just nothing like waking up at their house...I love the smell of their home and the sound of my sassy little grandma shuffling in her little house shoes! She is 79 and my Grandpa is 82 and they are in terrific health. I am so blessed! They are the most fun and active grandparents ever. I have really treasured my time with them. The crew has pretty much swam the whole time. They are all rosey pink even with a TON of sun-SCREAM as Rebekah (4) calls it!!

Tomorrow,we head to my hubby's spiritual dad's (Tom and Nona Mosely)house! We are really excited to get to spend some time with them and go see the Natural Bridge Caverns and some wild safari thing. It is always a refreshing time to hang out with these two...especially when we all get to go furniture shopping!! :) After that, we will head to the La Cantera Westin where my MacBook will have wireless and I get to play catch up on the blog!! Unfortunately, my mobile uploads on Facebook are the only pics I can get my hands on at this time! But, we have had Hannah's birthday, Joseph and John's birthday and the pictures of our time here. It's going to be a blog extravaganza and I cant wait!

One extremely important bit of information, Sarah (5) lost her first tooth!!! She has four loose right now and this one popped out in Target! She was so excited!