Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarah Katherine

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are such a precious little girl to your daddy and me. I praise God for creating you on this day 6 years ago. I know He has such big plans for you! I can only imagine what He will have you do with the huge amount of wisdom He has given you. One of my most recent favorite memories is when I came into your room one night to tuck you in and I found you reading your Bible ( you do this a lot all on your own). You said, "Mom, this is sooo good!" You then proceeded to read all of Psalm 1 to me. As I turned off the lights and laid down with your sister you said, "Mom, I feel like the Word is in my throat." You have a deep well within you my girl!

Here is the letter I sent with you to school on your special day! I hope you know how crazy we all are about you!

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

I am so thankful to God for creating you! He made you so perfectly for our family. I love how He made your heart desire and love His Word. I love how he gave you big, beautiful brown eyes and brown hair. I love you nose and your fun laugh. I love that your mind is full of so much wisdom for a little girl. I love that you are brave and sweet all at the same time. I love to hear your voice when you are singing praises to Jesus…nice and loud! J I love that God made you a graceful dancer and a fast runner. I love that you are such a great sister to your brothers and sisters. I love you…just for being you!