Tuesday, June 17, 2008

God Is A Special Man

The other morning a sweet voice drifted downstairs as we were enjoying our Saturday together as a family. John and I both stopped what we were doing to figure out who it was. We smirked as we heard Rebekah (3) singing over and over "God is a special man, God is a special man, God is a special man." It was not being sung to any particular tune but she was singing her heart out. She walked down the stairs with a huge smile as she continued with her song. It blessed me so much and I know blessed my God! Even with the off notes and unreconizable tune, her love for Him poured out and affected all of us that morning.
God I pray that my heart and love for you would overflow and affect the world around me. I am so amazed by You, my God and my Redeemer. Thank you for loving me, for radically changing me and for giving me a husband and children who can't get enough of you. Thank you for being my Father. You are a "special man!"
Your Grateful Daughter,

1 John 3:1
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Changes- March pt. 2

If you are just checking in, I am doing a re-cap since we have moved to Dallas. So... I am going back to catch up! The second part of March was so special. My Mom (a.k.a Mimi) came to visit us in our new home. We had not seen her since Thanksgiving so we were so ready! We celebrated Christmas with her and thats about where the fun ended!! Unfortunately, all 5 kids got a stomach flu! For most of her trip, we cleaned up puke and held sick babies!! God did give us a fun surprise though! Hannah and I took Mom to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory- it was literally the only time we left the house the whole time she was here! While we were eating, huge snow flakes began to fall! We came home to Dad already making "snow ice cream" and went out to play! That night we decided we had to build some snow men before it all melted! We had a blast playing in the snow, enjoying a fire outside, and drinking hot chocolate. My mom seriously had the most fun! It blessed me so much to see her playing with my kids in the snow and working to roll snowmen! We even made snow angels! Here are some pictures:

Can you believe this? I have never seen this in Texas!

Dad making snow ice cream and the "kids" enjoying it!

Having fun with my 2 oldest!
Rebekah (3) not having fun!! She doesnt like being cold like her Mom! Check out that face!

Mom and I about make our angels...so fun! I am stylin' in my husband's clothes, shoes, hat! Cute, huh?

My beautiful mother! She is amazing!

John and I with our snow couple!
The Mr. and Mrs....man that was some hard work!

We finished off the month with a last minute trip to our old lake house- which has still not sold! We camped out on sleeping bags ...it was roughin it for me let me tell ya!! For real, I am so not the camp out kinda girl so this was pushing it! :) While in Longview we got to visit with our Nana, had a visit from Grandpa Jesse, and got to hang out with the lovely Pelaia family and meet their newest addition! A few Teen Mania guys also came to have a little lake time and our dear friends, The Holloways, visited as well. We had a little cook out and played with confetti eggs! There was lots of catching up to do and so we went late into the night. Our families sat by the fire and roasted marshmallows. It was great getting to spend time with some our very best friends. Such a blessing to be with them again!
So the one kicker (besides the fact of the whole camping out thing for me) was that 4 of our kiddos got another 24 hour stomach bug! Throw up again!!! So we had a quick trip to the laundry mat. As we arrived my 4 yr old informed me of an accident in her pants. Yep, the big D! Oh the joys!

John coming after me with the confetti egg.....
Dad attacking and finally his defeat!

Hannah with Rachel and Allyson. Joseph and Ethan.

Joseph holding Bryson Pelaia!! Hannah with Bethany and Brittany!

We headed back to Dallas for our Easter service at church and then had a lunch in our home with some friends. Katie, Hannah and I had so much fun in the kitchen!!
Oh and all the Teen Mania guys...yea they all got the bug! Poor single guys...just not used to kid's germs!! :)