Sunday, April 27, 2008

Changes-March Pt. 1

March was a very exciting month in our home, so I will split it up into a few parts!
First of all we celebrated one of our dearest friends 70th birthday. Although his birthday was in December, we were not able to get his present here and actually celebrate until Feb 22. (I know this should technically be in last month's but I downloaded the pictures in March so it threw me off).
Tom is my husband's spiritual dad and is just downright amazing! He and his precious wife are so dear to us and we are honored to be a part of their lives! They came in to visit so we did birthday dinner at Saltgrass and then John had a giant cookie made. We all enjoyed it- especially the blue icing! Even with blue teeth, these two are still adorable and classy!

Then on March 1st, we welcomed Isaac Thomas Terry into the world!! John and I got to be there for almost the whole time and it was so special. Melissa is seriously a rockstar and did such a fantastic job. I watched as Joe took such great care of her and was reminded me of how much I love this guy! He is just perfect for Melissa!! He has proved to be such a strong, wise and caring husband these last 2 years to our spiritual daughter! I know he will be an amazing dad as well! Here is little "I"as my 2 yr old calls him! He is precious! I felt so blessed to be there as he entered the world and I loved getting to see Melissa love on him the moment he arrived. She is already a phenomenal mom!

Our good friends, The Davidsons, came in for a birthday party. Brad and John were roomates before we got married. Jenifer and I went to rival high schools in Houston and met at church years later in Longview. They got married 2 months after us and we loved hanging out as newly married couples (they lived on our street)! It was such fun times. They now have 4 kiddos and have moved away. We love getting together and this time was extra special. We went to church together, went on a date (just the adults) and then me and Jen got away for a little shopping!! The next day we went to their oldest daughter's bday party at the American Girl Bistro and the girls had a blast. This is the ONLY pic I got while they were here!! All 9 eating breakfast!!

This is Sarah (4)and I going on a girl date!! Sarah so looks up to her big brother that she sometimes wants to be just like him! I took her out to remind her how fabulous it is being a girl!! We went shopping and compared the drab boy clothes to the oh-so-lovely girl stuff. We then had lunch and a cookie and sat by the fountains to talk! She really got into it and bought some sparkly, gold flip-flops! It was sooo much fun! She is a sweetie and I loved getting some alone time with her.

Hannah getting her sisters dressed in the morning-part of her morning duty. She does a great job, doesn't she?

The kids playing in the mud and little John being silly!

Rebekah giving herself a make over and the 5 fabuloso kids! They are too much!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Changes- February

The month in pictures:

We gave our dear Miss-i-la ( Rebekah's version of Melissa) a baby shower!! Many of our dear friends from Longview came in which made it even more special!

Two silly girls : Hannah pretending to be Katie wearing her clothes, dancing shoes, purse and phone!! Rebekah all bundled up to go outside.

John- when you are number 5, sometimes you have to fend for yourself!! We often find him in the pantry.

The men of the house praying...that makes a woman's heart melt!

Kids inschool-such great readers!

Valentine's Day... It has become tradition to the kids waking up to cut out construction hearts all around their bed and leading to the "fun" table!!

Joseph and his animals...the boy STILL loves them! If that is all we ever gave him, he would be happy!

Sending a thank you to Mimi for their box full of presents and a Valentine's dinner for Dad.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Changes- January

Now for the month of January! Let's see....unpacking boxes, some boxes and more boxes! We all settled in quite quickly and smoothly. I believe the 2 years of prayer really laid a foundation and totally prepared the kids. There was a very nice transition for all of us here. John had it the hardest as he really began the traveling back and forth to Tyler.

We celebrated Rebekah's 3 rd birthday and as always she had a blast! Her birthday is a little difficult to get people together because it so closely follows Christmas. She never gets a really big is usually just the fam! But to Rebekah, everyday is a party!! She is my fun-loves-life-kind-of-girl. SO on a day where we sing to her (even if it is just the 6 of us) and give her presents and cake...she is giddy! This year is was just our family including Katie and Anna! If you look at the twinkle in Rebekah's eyes you see the pure joy in her! Her nickname is "Happy Heart!"

All three girls also started taking dance classes. Melissa told us of a Christian dance studio called Studio One. Mrs. Jennifer is the owner and teacher and she is amazing! She loves Jesus with all her heart and is so great with our girls. We are blessed to be a part of what God is doing through her and the studio! She is teaching quality dance instruction, godly character and modest (BUT COOL) dance and dress! Taking the arts back for Jesus is what I say! :)

Getting ballet shoes and leos for the girls!

First day of classes at Studio One

One of my very dear friends, Jen, and her crew came to visit in January! With 9 kids under the age of 9, it was a definite party! Jen and I go WAY back to before Jesus days. We met at UT Tyler and even though we desperately needed Jesus to step in, we always had a blast! It is so amazing to get to walk through the different stages of life together...and NOW we are doing it with Him! Radical transformation, marriage, kids (VERY shortly after we got married for both of us), and now raising and educating them! Our old friends would fall out laughing if they heard we were sold out for Jesus, homeschool moms! :) Jen is so dear to my heart and I am blessed to have her as a friend! Here are some pictures of the "preschool class!"

I love the way we are looking at each other..."Who's kids are these anyway??"
Elijah and John enjoying spaghetti!

Our month ended rather sadly- the whole family got the flu except Dad! I have never felt so horrible in my life! Then to watch all the little ones get it was just so sad. Sarah had a trip to the ER for breathing issues and Joseph to the doc for a sinus infection. It felt like the NEVER ending flu season for us because we had a few relapses after the initial onset. We were thanking Jesus when everyone was finally well!

We also had a fun trip to the zoo and the new park right around the corner. Here are some more pictures :

Trying to take down Dad!

Daddy w/ his happy stick in the back pocket for any rowdy zoo animals!

Sarah and her nifty binoculars checking out the animals!

I dont know what we are laughing about, but this pic cracks me up!

Park time!

All 5 tumbling down the slide.

Saying goodbye to the faithful baby mattress all 5 kids slept on.