Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Love My Job!

This last week has been such a sweet reminder of how much I love being a stay at home mom. By the grace of God, all the laundry is done and put away, my house is clean, and my kids are at peace. We have stayed on top of school and have even worked ahead. I enjoyed a little girl date with Sarah and Rebekah and then all 6 of us(dad had to work) had a mid week trip to the park with snow cones.

My only wish is that every week would be like this! :) There are certainly times when there are mounds of laundry, toys everywhere, and stress because it is 9 and we are still writing a research paper!

But not this week. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my be a wife and a mom. I desire nothing else. Big salary checks, traveling the world, awards & recognition is nothing compared to holding chubby little hands or hearing my kids say they love me. These busy times of potty training, home schooling, hearing "Will you please come wipe me?" at least 7 times a day, and never ending "quick pick ups" will be over all too soon. I pray that I would not wish all the "work" away but that I would cherish every moment...even when it is hard.

Lord, my heart is literally bursting with gratefulness. Thank you for blessing me with my precious family. You are so patient with me and I love that You "gently lead those who are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Our date after ballet: Quiznos, Carvel Ice Cream, playing by the fountains

Fun at the Park:

Snow Cones and the Gum Fiasco:

Ladybug Craft:

John and Joseph were on a boy date and I woke up to this! I could not move....but I loved it! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He Is Risen Indeed!

Our family had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating Jesus. For the first time ever we attended a Friday service-our church has 9 services that weekend to accommodate everyone plus visitors. It was a little different getting all dressed on a Friday evening but getting to celebrate my Savior's resurrection was just as powerful. Our pastor talked about Jesus as the lamb of God. He was the perfect offering because we can NEVER be perfect on this side of heaven. In the OT when men brought their lambs as their offering, the priests did not examine that person but the lamb. He inspected the lamb for a spot, wrinkle, or blemish... not the man. Why is it that in our own human mind we think we will make it one day on our own...if we just__________. Fill in the blank! Read our Bible more, be more of a servant, pray more, give more, etc, etc.... For the record, I do believe we are to do all of these things but we do it out of our love for Him and not for His acceptance. He has already accepted us through the blood of the Lamb because we will never be holy enough without it. We continue to try to provide our own redemption when God has provided it-The Perfect Lamb for us! I am so thankful that He is perfect. I am so thankful for His sacrifice. I am so thankful for His Grace. I am so thankful I am His.

John 1:29 " Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world."

We enjoyed the rest of our weekend with some much needed rest, dyeing eggs and doing an egg hunt. Here are my favorite pics:

We took our family pictures this year at Gateway:

We met Anthony at Pine Cove several years ago and love to catch up when we see him. He sang a special Easter song this year and was AMAZING as usual!!

Dyeing Eggs and the Hunting Eggstravaganza!! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is the Day!!

Wow!  It has been a long time since I have blogged  So much has gone on that I would love to document.  Christmas in Colorado, Rebekah's 4th birthday, Valentines Day, Spring Break, Pink Impact...  Also, the last 3 months have been some of the busiest and hardest we have experienced as a family.  I truly believe God is shaking some things up to make sure we are involved in only what He has for us. He is making sure our foundations as a family are set.

I have also come to realize that I have this perfection thing when it comes to blogging.  I am documenting our life and special times so that one day my kids will have something to look back on.  I have been terrible about baby books and writing memorable stuff down.  So when I get behind on the blog, I feel like a failure!! Sounds so silly when typing it out but it is the truth.  So today I am typing, not really checking for grammar and complete sentences but just getting my heart on "paper!" ;) is the day I have decided to come out!  Foundations are still being shaken and honestly I barely have anytime to do this.  My two oldest are sitting  on either side of me, one is studying for Texas History and the other is writing a book report.  The three little ones are playing Lone Ranger in the playroom and I am sitting her trying desperately to write using complete thoughts!!  

Yet in all of this God is so amazing me right now.  In times of trial, we cry out to Him out of desperation.  That is where I have been.  I am desperate.  I need Him to order my day, to help me be a good wife, a better mom, to plan healthy meals,to help me keep my mind on things of the Spirit, etc.  I want to get where I see my desperation for Him at all times, even when things are going smooth.  God would you help me.

Last night I had the privilege of getting to see Beth Moore at Life Outreach.  James and Betty Robison talked with her about her new teaching called The Beautiful Mind.  It is all about renewing our mind so that we can walk in a sound mind according to 2Timothy.  I was so ministered to by all 3 of them!  I thought I was just getting to go see my Bethie but that Jesus loves to give us more that we ever dare to imagine.  The 3 of them ministered to us in between shooting the show and prayed for us.  I was blown away.  The tenderness for Jesus in their hearts was so precious.  One of my nuggets was about strongholds. Beth shared that sometimes a thought will go across our mind and it is so out there that it is not even a temptation.  BUT...when a thought comes and then is replayed one, two, three times, you are in danger for it to take up residence in your mind.  This is when we have to take that thought captive (2 cor 10:5) and first call out the name of Jesus.  Then pick up your sword (scripture) and begin to speak it out loud.  I could go on and on but I will end with this.  God, I desire a beautiful and sound mind.  Grant me a greater hunger for you.  Lord help me to love you more than I love anyone in this world and  help me to desire you all the days of my life.  Lord, I am desperate for you....

My 3 Lone Rangers??

Jennifer and I after shedding many tears during the teaching!!

Me and my 3 Peeps! :)
Can you tell I just love this woman?? 
My precious daughter, Hannah, who made my night being there with me...even though it was a long one for her!  Beth asked her name and told her she had a beautiful smile and then told me she was darling.  She totally is!