Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Hannah Nicole" -God's Grace and Victorious Heart

Dear Hannah,

Happy 10th Birthday! I cannot believe you are in the double digits! It seems like just yesterday your Dad and I left for the hospital to have you. I remember standing in the kitchen, turning around to look back at the house and thinking this would be the last time here with just the 2 of us. I wondered how it would all change when you came along. Little did I know that a tiny baby would change my life as much as you changed mine! I am so thankful that He sent you to be my first. I remember how as a newborn you would snuggle up with me and I thought my heart would burst with the most unbeliveable love for you! You captured my heart 10 years ago! I have loved watching you grow from a cute little baby into such a beautiful and graceful young lady. Here are some things that I love about you:

You are such a lover of Jesus and you have been for a long time. I can still see you just worshipping as a little, cute toddler with your chubby arms raised to the heavens. His light and life truly shine through you!! You have always been my little helper and friend. You are such a caring and sweet sister to all your siblings. You have the greatest, most contagious laugh that always makes me laugh. You have always amazed me when you worship Jesus through dance...what a gift He has given you. You are an amazing example for our firstborn child. You have a great sense of style and have always surprised me at the outfits you can put together. I remember once telling you when you were like 4-5 how something didn't match and you said, "Matching is boring!" You were ahead of your time!! :) You are very thoughtful and always write Dad and I such encouraging notes. You love to learn and are very teachable. You are so wise for your age.

Hannah, I could go on and on. There are so many special things about you. You truly are a gift and a princess. My prayer is that you know how incredible He has made you and that you clearly see what a treasure you are to Him and to all of us! I love you dearly!