Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recital 2009- Rise Up

This year’s dance recital was really fun.  We had John’s parents and my mom come in for the big event (we missed you Dad!)…or shall I say unbelievably LONG event. Grandpa Jesse and the two grandmothers were such good sports!  That was a whole lot of little girls, bows and tutu’s to take in.  Thank goodness Hannah was in 4 dances and Sarah and Rebekah were in 2. All 3 girls danced so beautifully and had a ton of fun.  Rebekah did really good this year (no accidental solo part!) and after months of fussing about going to class she said, “ I want to do recital again!”  Sarah was graceful and again the one the other’s watched when they forgot a step.  Hannah was amazing as usual!  We especially loved this year’s ballet dance to "I Will Be Free."  At the end, she was lifted up by her teachers and held the ending position in the air.  She looked like a little angel up there!! J  Here are some pictures from that night:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hannah's Birthday

We had a wonderful time on vacation but my blog extravaganza never happened as you can tell!  There was no wireless and it was $16 a day to hook up to the internet.  So now it is time for catch up...again!

We celebrated Hannah’s 11th birthday on May 20.  Hannah is such an amazing young lady and the older she gets the more I see such godly character beginning to show.  She is a very caring sister to her siblings and she showed extreme maturity when we asked her to lay down dance for the coming year.  God, how I wish my heart was as trusting and obedient as hers.  Although, she was sad she trusted us and God.  What an amazing young lady she is!  

This year she did a great job balancing diligence in her school work as well as in her dance company.  Hannah practiced 3 times a week for 7 hours and carried a considerable work load at Coram Deo.  She finished the year with a medal for Magna Cum Laude(“A” cumulative average) and her dance company got a few top awards at two different competitions.  

We celebrated our sweet Hannah this year by having a small family party and a day at Six Flags! It was a blast!

Hannah, God has amazing plans for your life!  You are such a joy to be around and I thank God for your heart towards God and us.  You are one special young lady!  I love you dearly!