Thursday, May 6, 2010 make my heart smile!

Rebekah Elise turned 5 on Jan 10th (yes, I am behind as usual). We had to cancel her little party because everyone had a 48 hour bug and ended up celebrating with just the fam, Erin, Anna and Noel (her 20 something year old friends!).

Rebekah is our family member who is always happy. I mean full of joy, always smiling and saying the funniest things. A couple months ago we bought her a pair of flip flops and she was so thankful. She told John, "Dad, I love flip flops. They feel good between your toes and they just make the right sound." She also asked me the other day why women had "cracks right here?" as she pointed to her chest (cleavage). Then says, " I want a crack!" Yes, that's my girl! I am so thankful for her and her comic relief on almost a daily basis.

Here is an example of her fun, creative little self. She came down stairs all dressed up one day-notice the tie hanging off of her belt:

Birthday table:

Her first big girl bike



Anna..these are her big girl friends... although she thinks she is the same age as them!

Her favorite buddy, John (they are 17 mo. apart)

I love my girl!

The first time she blew out her candles I totally missed it SO... we had a re do! She made sure she did it niccee anndd sloooww for Mom the second time :)

I love you dearly Rebekah! Thank you so much for making our family brighter and making any old occasion a party! The Bible says in Proverbs, "A joyful heart is good medicine." You are definitely a great dose of joy! I love your heart for Jesus and how you love to worship Him, I love how nurturing you are to your siblings, I love your adorable giggle and that one little dimple that shows when you laugh, I love how you can be serious and ask deep, profound questions about God, I love you..... and everything about you! Happy Birthday sweet muffiin :)