Sunday, October 21, 2007

Perks of Being a Mommy

This morning as I groggily wiped a little hiney, I remembered why I love being a mom. :) Rebekah (2.5) was leaning over, with here chubby little arms wrapped around my legs and said,

" I like you mom. I love you too."

I told her that I loved her too. My heart felt warm. It is times like this and the little whispers, the thank you's, the tight hugs that make this VERY demanding job so worth it. Jesus, thank your for my children and for showing me your love through them.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sarah is 4!!

We celebrated Sarah's 4th birthday last Saturday! It is so amazing to me that she is already 4. She is so and John often look at each other and just laugh! Right now she runs around doing Tae Kwon Do like her big brother and gives a "HYAHHH" to anyone who upsets her. She loves Jesus, loves to read and calls me "pretty, precious, beautiful" and her daddy is " handsome, cool, awesome!" For her party she wanted a Chronicles of Narnia theme. Of course we found nothing! We then settled on cowboys after debating that Darth Vader is really not what we want for a little girl's birthday party. It was a small family party (with 5 kids it works out great) but we all had fun blessing Sarah! Here are a few pictures:

The Good, The Great and the Cuties

Happy to be rid of the tricycle!

Sarah wiped out right after the party!

We love you Sarah Katherine.. you are God's Pure Princess!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Husbands and Prayers

John truly is an incredible husband, but I do know that Jesus is the only perfect husband a girl can have!! I believe Jesus wants to reiterate the very fact that He is my husband FIRST and that He is my very present help in times of trouble. I always think that I have this down until….John leaves!!

My "earthly"husband is an amazing guy. Not only is he a wonderful, totally-takes-care-of-me, romantic husband but he is also one of the best daddy’s that I have ever seen. He always puts us first and when he is here, he is all the way here. Not a checked-out-watching-TV kind of dad but totally involved in ALL aspects of our kids lives. He changes poop diapers, bathes kids, plays with them, trains them and does WHOLE nighttime process for me!! I mean it when I say, “What would I do without him??” He even keeps my gas tank full all the time!! I don’t even know when he does it!!

SO….when he is gone, I feel it in a big way!! Things always seem to go amiss.
For example, the only two times I have ever been in the ER (Sarah's first two asthma attacks) was when John was out of town. I know that is the extreme example, but it seems like we are always a little off when daddy’s gone.
This week was no different. He was sent unexpectedly to Wyoming on Tuesday through Friday. Well, a few weeks ago Sarah (almost 4) hurt her pinky while she was climbing on our wood pile. We had an ER nurse friend look at it and she said to tape it and watch it. We did and yesterday we found out that it healed…BROKEN! I am taking Sarah to Scottish Rite hospital in downtown Dallas for an appt and possible surgery. First, I HATE driving in downtown Dallas! Second, hello….I hate doing this kind of stuff without my man!

So I am asking for prayers! Please pray that:
I have a sound mind and am safe as I drive downtown-and through construction to top it off
The docs have wisdom for what is best for Sarah’s pinky
IF we have surgery please pray for safety, peace over little Sarah, and proper healing for her finger.
Pray over the anesthesia- I am trying to be ok with them putting her under.
John makes it home safely...he is planning on arriving at midnight Thursday.

I know Jesus is my ultimate help-that HE has this all under control. I am forever thankful for Him and love Him so much!! I just hate that it takes things like this to remind me sometimes.
Lord, help me to live in such an intimate place with you that I don’t feel alone and needy when my earthly husband is gone.

Isaiah 54:5 For your Maker is your Husband — the Lord of hosts is His name — and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; the God of the whole earth He is called.

PS This was the icing on the cake this morning. I will just leave a picture and say after much scrubbing it came out!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

School Days

It has been a while since I last posted so here goes a little update!! We are busy, busy, busy with school right now. Hannah is in the 4th grade and Joseph is in the 2nd. They are at such a great age and we are learning some really fun things this year...American History happens to be my personal favorite!! Sarah (4 on Saturday) has been begging me to teach her to read for the past year and so we have started. She is so very excited and when she reads a word she claps and smiles so big! I love watching her little face light up and I love getting to be the one that is right there with her as she learns. Rebekah (2 1/2)does some coloring, reading and most of the time tries to do everything the older ones are doing. John (16 mo) eats crayons, climbs on everything and begs to go outside. This semester we have Katie living with us as our total God-send-nanny!! She is wonderful and helps me so much!! When the little ones get too busy, she takes them outside or plays with them so I can have great one on one time with the big kids. Not only is she wonderful with the kids but....she LOVES to cook!! I am so thankful to John for allowing me to have her and for Katie for being a great friend and helper!
I so enjoy getting to be with the kids all during the day and can't imagine not having all 5 at home. Don't get me wrong....there are times when -WOW- I really need a break and take great pleasure in a trip alone to Wal Mart!! However, I do feel honored and extremely blessed to get to stay at home and be a mommy, teacher and friend! Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks: