Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dancing for Jesus

* This is an older post that I never put up! It happened back in the summer but better late than never!

Ever since Hannah was a little tot she has loved to dance! I know all babies like to bounce around to music, but she was different. Even at a young age, she was not just bouncing around but really dancing and doing it very well! Her little expressions and dance style would change with the type of music. When at the age of 2 she could barely walk because of some joint issues, we held onto a word that John recievied. The word was Hannah would dance before the Lord.

As the joint issues mostly cleared up, we enrolled her in ballet classes at the age of 4. She was so adorable and I can't tell you how many times people would comment on not just her ability but on how they were literally moved by watching her. Her love for Jesus and dance beamed through as she performed. John and I love to watch her just freestyle worship whenever we are at home. If music is on...she is dancing!

This past year at her recital, a pastor's wife of a local church asked if Hannah would do a solo for their Kids Worship week. We were so honored and thankful that her first solo ever was done in a church for Jesus. As usual, she was beautiful!

"Let them praise His name with dancing" Psalm 149:3

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terry Visits!

I am so excited that I have gotten to see seriously some of my favorite people in the world twice in the last few months. In October ( yes.... I am way behind on several significant happenings!) we drove down to Normangee to visit the Terry Fam for the weekend. First of all, I was shocked to see that Normangee is really in the middle of the country and also shocked at how beautiful it was down there! The kids had a blast swimming (oh how I LOVE Texas!), chasing down donkeys, watching horses train, and I had a very special walk through grasshopper infested country roads with Melissa. The talk was great....the grasshoppers were actually terrifying for me. I hate those creatures! Anyways, most of all we just loved hanging out and spending time with Joe, Mel and little Isaac. They are all just too precious for words.

Cowgirl Sarah and Hannah with "Buckpasser Ballet"

Praying this horse doesnt bite me! Yes I am a know horses, grasshoppers, mice, roaches, fat frogs....

Rebekah checking out Billy! She is totally not scared like her Mom!

Joseph with a very fat frog that Madi kept trying to taste! I was of course freaking out!

John was not too fond of the donkeys! They came right up to the car. I felt like I was on one of those safari type tours! Well not safari but you know....

Hannah and Isaac...isn't he precious??!!

We got up early to watch the horses train on the race was really amazing!

Then this last week, Mel and Isaac came to visit us for a few days. It was a glorious occasion in the Graves household!! Again, just getting to talk, try on clothes for Mel (she is my fashion consultant :) ), play with Isaac and hang out like old times was wonderful. Mel and I even got to go to a hot yoga class which we both throughly enjoyed and got absolutely drenched! The only downer was that we missed Joe Dan!

This is the only picture we took while they were here! I was so excited I obviously wasn't thinking!

Mel, you and your family are so dear to me! Thank you for making the drive with a baby, by yourself!!! to come visit. It was really great! Sending much love to Normangee!