Friday, November 30, 2007

Sarah- My Beautiful...Deer Hunter?

“Sarah, what do you want for Christmas?”

“You don’t know what I want? I’ll give you a hint. How you gonna see a deer far away on a deer hunt?”


A sweet smile and nod were my answer.

Yes, this is my Sarah Katherine(4)! Her full name means Princess and pure. My “pure princess” wants binoculars for deer hunting. Go figure…

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back Again

Where oh where have I been this last …goodness…almost a month? Well, it is a long story but I will give the highlights. First of all, I have been single parenting it quite a bit. John has continued to work out of town a lot so that leaves me and the kiddos to do life without our great dad! As I said before, when he is gone he is greatly missed!

Next, we had a case of the stomach bug whip through the entire family. I had just finished reading a Living Proof Ministries blog about Amanda’s family (Beth Moore’s daughter) getting a stomach bug and I thought to myself, “Thank God we have never had THAT!” On Thursday it began!! WHAMO…just like that. Then to make it really fun, John and Joseph had signed up for a father/son retreat back in July. They got to throw up there while we were going at it back at home. Thankfully it was pretty much a 24 hour thing but man it was NOT fun.

Then we have made a few trips to Dallas- one for a check up on Hannah at Scottish Rite (uh, wasn’t I just there for Sarah’s pinky?) and also to visit Gateway church. WOW…the service about knocked my socks off. It was amazing- intimate worship(of which I pretty much cried through the whole thing) and then a powerful teaching! We really needed that and felt so refreshed afterwards!
Finally, throw in out of town guests, a fun lunch with some dear friends that I haven't seen in years, more doctor appointments, some birthday shopping and planning, voting, tae kwon do, ballet and did I even mention SCHOOL?

So…waa, waa! I know we all lead such busy lives and when mine gets busy I have to let something go. Blogging was my something! Yet in all of this busyness, God is so faithful to give me the grace needed for the moment. He is so sweet to me and I just don’t know what I would do without Him!

This last Thursday, we celebrated John’s birthday. We had a special dinner for him and lots of fun presents! His favorite was our recording of Proverbs. He loves the Word and has been asking me to record us reading it. Last Christmas we read a couple of New Testament books, for our anniversary I read Song of Songs and for this birthday we read Proverbs. I really wanted to do it in Amplified because he already has the other translations. WOW…that was fun having my 7 yr and 9 yr old read that! But hey…they learned some new vocabulary words and so did I!! I then whisked him away for an overnight stay at a hotel for some much needed alone time. It was so fun! I am so blessed to get to do life with this man! Here are a few pictures from his birthday:
A birthday sunset for John delivered by our
A quick and frantic attempt to get a few family pics

Dad opening our recording of Proverbs and them listening to it at the hotel!